Friday, December 03, 2010

something artsy....

Wow! The fall just flew by and now it is winter here in Canada! I am kind of wondering what happened to November, because December is here and I just don't feel ready for it yet! I have no Christmas shopping done, nor do I have decorations up! i did make some pretty tasty mandarin orange marmalade with my mom yesterday, which felt pretty Christmasy.

Anyways, I haven't posted anything artistic on here lately, so here are some little art tidbits to tide you over~

The little raccoon is a watercolour card that I made for a friend, when she was going away to school. We worked together over the summer and sometimes dealt with baby raccoons and other wonderful wildlife.

The next one is a little pen and ink sketch. I like tofu, especially the custard flavoured dessert tofu, but I always get flack for it when people catch me eating it. I get a response like, "Eeeewww... that's disgusting!"
Well Mr. Tofu has something to say to you!

Enjoy December and just try some dessert tofu, would ya!?