Friday, November 16, 2007

Haagen Don'ts

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Frusteration on the mystery-knit front. There was an error in the pattern I was using. There was a K3tog 6 times for a total of 6 sts decreased, obviously it meant either K2tog 6 times or decrease 12 sts. I went with the former, but by the looks of it I should have done the latter.... alas.
I'm trying to decided whether to just finish the project the way I see fit, or to rip back and do it proper (which could end in disaster if it still isn't right).
The thing is, the stitch pattern, while simple, is slow knitting and the knit is to go to it's recipient tomorrow. What to do, what to do.
The headache is still here, gah, but on the bright side it is friday tomorrow... mmm... weekend...
This week has been like the blink of an eye, so fast. Each day has sort of melded into the next so I was barely sure what day it was each day. Luckily I ended up in the right classes :-P

In other news, the hubby is undoubtably trying to fatten me up (for what sinister purpose I am not yet certain). He bought 2, yes 2 tubs of Haagen Daas ice cream, a box of triple chocolate chip cookies, a ginormous bag of chocolate almonds, pizza, Granville Island Winter Ale, and I just barely convinced him to leave the grocery store without a jumbo bag of chips and tostitos cheese dip. He is a serious enabler and obviously well aware of my lack of self-control in terms of goodies sitting in my cupboards. I am positive I will weigh about 5lbs more by the end of the weekend. Gah! And to think I just managed to shed 3lbs, just to inevitably gain it all back!
I have the best self control when in the store. I do not buy goodies. But once they're in the house..... beware.... I will rack the cupboards looking for snacks, and will pass right over that broccoli in favour of a triple-chocolate-chip cookie Haagen Daas ice cream sandwich of dangerous proportions! HELP ME!
The only thing I can do is try to get him to eat it all first. After all he remains svelt no matter what he eats (damn him), due mostly to his freakishly tall frame and suspected hollow leg.

ps. Haagen Daas Myan Chocolate Icecream is quite possibly the best ice cream flavour evar! And only 20 grams of fat for 1/2 cup. Bastards.

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