Saturday, September 13, 2008

Artist Weekend Recap

Hey all,

so this post is a loooong time coming, but I think you'll all forgive my silence as it has been a crazy first two weeks of school. I am taking four lab sciences: two organic chemistry, immunology (a bio chem), calculus, and physics. So far I am enjoying being back at the books, even though the homework assignments are already beginning to pile up.


The artist weekend was a blast! I met some great local artisans, and got a really good response from the public about my artwork. I was so nervous to put myself out there, but it seems I need not have been so worried! Sales were not so good for any of the artists that weekend, I guess a cafe as an artistan market isn't the best consumer atmosphere but at least I got out there and got seen and known a bit by the public & it was a free venue too. The two days were glorious and sunny and loads of friends came out to visit me! Thank you all for your support, and it was awesome to catch up with so many of you that I just don't seem to see very often. Special thanks to Bonnie, who came out on Saturday to be my knitting buddy for several hours!

First, a sampling of my work...



Bonnie and I getting in some quality knitting time in the sun.

A silly little doggie, doesn't he look sinister?

One of the guys from the bonsai club, with his gorgeous bouganvillia bonsai!

An incredible ironwork sculpture from one of the other artisans, Nancy.


Anonymous said...

Oh yay! I was hoping to see some pics since I wasn't around that weekend to visit you there! I love the beach paintings - those must be from Tofino! I love the one at the bottom of that grouping.

When you have some free time, give me a call, since I'm not sure what you're schedule is like.

At least we got to say Hi for a split second on Friday! :)

solblom said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I honestly didn't know that your skills extended this far beyond knitting!

Hope everything is well in Victoria:)