Wednesday, March 04, 2009

another day another year


It was my birthday yesterday. And I was sick. Am sick.
Despite this, the hubby got me a cake, and a box of Captain Crunch cereal (because deep down I am turning 7 again). And his gift came in the mail today! Yay!
What is it? The Oh Bijou CD, Swift Feet for Troubling Times!
Jeff first introduced me to this band after hearing a song by them on CBC radio, and then frantically searching the interwebs for more about them... "how do you spell Obeejoo??" I'm so glad he took the trouble because I totally <3 this awesome Toronto band! Plus, how much do I love the stethoscope background art on their webpage?!
I am also pretty stoked about the release of their new album in April! (hmmm... our anniversary is in April...)
So here I am, with my soup, and my music....

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Anonymous said...

Awe, sickness go away! Gah, I was going to go to the Ohbijou concert, but has since been cancelled. I missed it the last time they were in town.

It's your birthday week, so Happy birthday again! :)