Monday, October 11, 2010

dog day

Olive was pretty impressed by Jasper the dog's blog by a dog and she decided that she wanted to do a guest post on Knit Fish:

"Today mum and I went out into the world! We went to a place called Mount Doug.

I saw that a mountain is a thing what is full of nature and goes up and more up! I don't know who is doug, but he has BIG mountain!

At the top we could see the WHOLE WORLD I think!

I was so happy to see the world. It is bigger than I thought.

That is me beside the world. There is railing so we dont fall off doug's mountain and onto the world.

Sometimes on mountains there are sticks. This is very good stick!

This stick is good to chew. It has nice mountain smells.

I'm bring it, okay?

Leaving already? Lets see more world soon!"

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Kittyn Hill said...

V, you are damn precious!!!! This is a WONDERFUL page!! You go girl and rock on with your bad self ;)