Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Sunday Market Shawl

Sunday Market Shawl

Inspired by the drapey loosely woven shawls sold at the local Sunday market, I designed this scarf/shawl to be worn on cool summer nights, or warm fall days. You can use it as a shoulder wrap over a summer dress, or even over a tee shirt. This yarn is soft, and not too warm, with a lovely sheen from the silk.

Difficulty: This pattern is suitable for a beginner, it requires only the knowledge of cast on, knit, purl, yarn over, and bind off. Note: If you knit tightly you may want to go up a needle size or 2, it is meant to have nice big loose stitches. I don't think guage is important for this piece, however, it is important to keep an eye on how much yarn you have left and leave enough for binding off.

Materials: 2 skeins Noro Cash Iroha (40 g/ 99 yrds per skein), Size 6 mm Needles
[Note: if you are using a yarn other than Cash Iroha, you may want to use more yardage & knit until it is close to your desired length. I can only vouch for Noro's stretchability with blocking] My finished measurments are 65" x 16". Also, this stitch does not hold well with slippery yarns. Therefore yarns with some stick are recommended, such as wool blends.]

Loosely cast on 30 sts

Row 1: *K2, YO* Repeat ** across, ending in K2

Work scarf in stockinette stitch for 128 rows, or until you are close to the end of your second skein. Ending on a WS row.

Next row (RS): *K2, drop stitch* Repeat ** across, ending in K2

Bind off loosely.

Block as long and wide as you can stretch it.
{I used a clothing steamer and that worked great.}

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This pattern belongs to Vanessa Carter Copyright 2007. Permission is granted to use this pattern for personal use. Please do not copy any of my photos, or this pattern for commercial use or sale.

Sunday Market Shawl


Anonymous said...

I bought the yarn and tried to make this. Are you sure these are the correct instructions to make the shawl pictured?

Nessa said...

The pattern is correct. It has been knitted over 500 times by various people so I am sure about it. Perhaps you misunderstood some of the instructions, or used an unsuitable yarn? Did you actually finish the shawl? Because it doesn't look like the picture when it is in process, the very last row gives the laddering effect & the increase in size. Until then it just looks like a stockinette scarf. Check out Ravelry for more comments from people who have knit this.


Anonymous said...

I love these less-is-more accessories. you know we will be asking for mitts to match, don't you?
Betty in Texas

katie said...

This is just what I was looking for - I have a skein of Noro Taiyo and I can't wait to make the shawl for my sister. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry...still a bit new at this. Are you supposed to keep accumulating stitches as you knit?

Nessa said...

there is only one increase row at the beginning, after that it is just stockinette and it should stay the same size.

Melissa said...

I am so confused as to how this works? I know it is just so simple, but I dont get it.. How are the drop stitches throughout if you are knitting stockinette the whole time? Thanks for the input. ( I am not questioning your pattern, BTW, I have seent the completed projects on Ravelry, I am just a knitting newbie.) Thanks!

Peggy in Illinois said...

You are knitting in stockinette and then at that last row when it says "drop stitch" for every third stitch, you will go back and unravel that up through every third column of stitches to open up the ladders.

Nicole said...

ok, i was really confused with this pattern. and some of the other people with questions may have them answered by this.
it's not knit, knit, yarn over
it's knit, knit wrap twice in the same stitch.
then on the second row, it's knit, knit and drop second wrap.
am i right in thinking this?

Nessa said...


the pattern is just as stated.
After the first set up row the scarf is knitted entirely in stockinette.
You don't drop any stitches in the second row. You don't drop any stitches until the very last row.


Sara said...

This may be a stupid question but how do you intentionally drop a stitch. Do you just pull it off the needle and not put it on the other?

Shauna said...

So I'm loving this pattern but I was wondering when you allow it to "ladder" from the dropped stiches? Before or after you block it?


Nessa said...

You would have to drop the ladders before blocking, because you don't bind-off until after dropping the stitches. You wouldn't want to attempt to block an item that was still on the needles.


Shauna said...

I just finished blocking......I LOVE THIS PATTERN !! Thanks so much and as soon as I figure out how to post a picture, I will : )

I did it in a vibrant green fading wool. Very drapey and is just what I needed to break up my string of "not finished yet" projects.

Thanks again Vanessa, and I'm looking forward to trying some of your other patterns.


Frances said...

I'm doing this right now in Noro Iro. I've only slightly changed it to make it a bit wider and will use a a bit more yardage to make it longer. I want a nice big wrap. The stockinette is nice and easy an mindless after a few more involved projects. I can't wait to get to that last row to do the drop stitches and watch it magically unravel! LOL Great pattern.

Frances said...

watch it magically "ladder" rather. I don't want it to unravel. LOL

gwenstella said...

heyy i have been knitting this wondeful shawl. everything has been working really great but i am having problems with binding off. do u have any methods of binding off to recommend for this shawl? my BO has been rather tight and it doesnt go well with the ladders... :(

Nessa said...

I recommend binding off over large needles in addition to consciously keeping your bind off loose. I just use basic bind off, but you could google a stretchy bind off if you are still having issues.

Anonymous said...

Is the BO row - a Wrong Side PURL ROW? or should I purl the row and BO on a KNIT row? I have knit several for myself but am not sure of the correct side to BO -- one end always looks wider and I would like to gift when I know for sure how to end. VERY COOL pattern. Thanks

SisterJoyous said...

Hi - shawl looks gorgeous, thanks for sharing the pattern! Quick question - after the original K2 YO row, is the next row a purl or a knit row to start the stockinette?

Many thanks,

Nessa said...

Thanks Joy,
start with a knit row :-)

rebecca said...

Just started my Sunday Market Shawl... glad for all of the questions and answers here... had many of them myself!

SisterJoyous said...

Thanks so much Vanessa! x

Anonymous said...

This is a simple yet lovely idea.

A suggestion, given all the confusion: why not add a paragraph in the intro to your pattern that clearly explains HOW the laddering occurs? It's not obvious to new knitters and no one really considers dropping a stitch as a purposeful knitting technique!

I look forward to making this.

Helen Huynh said...

Thank you so much for your marvelous pattern. I'm gonna make my mom a surprised gift.

Big Girl Jewelry said...

This is only my second knitting project, but I love it. Thanks so much for posting this pattern!

julie said...

This project is so simple and beautiful thankyou soo much for sharing!

Mushroom Mom said...

I do not understand all the posts questioning this pattern. I am a newer knitter and the pattern is very clear. The pattern says to do the yarn over on the first real row and then drop the stitch on the next to last row.

I love the ease of this pattern.

Mushroom Mom

Anonymous said...

I too am a lover of this pattern. Having knit other drop stitch patterns, I was a tad bit confused, as it's quite different.

When I tried to think it out, it didn't make sense. When I read "knit just as written, I said OK - I'll do it!"

Soooo very glad I did. GREAT gift idea.

Remember:First row: Began *K2,YO
Remember:Last row: Begins*K2,Drop

See how the pattern lines up?

(every stitch after every "K2", in all 128 rows, comes unraveled when you get to the last row and start the "K2, drop" directions.

In case I've totally confused you, you WILL NOT see any ladder, until the last row when you drop stitches.

Just try not to think about it - and follow exactly as written.

Thanks again - Mary L

stormarela said...

This looks great, I am going to try it.... of course, now I need to go yarn shopping :)

Lindsay said...

What are your measurements of the piece before you block and stretch?

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Topuz SaƧ said...

The informations are so lovely and so usefull so thank you very much. Be sure i will use all of them keeping in my mind.Have a goog luck.

Faith said...

I don't see anything in the instructions about "drop stitch".

Faith said...

Sorry, I reread again and see where the drop stitch is.

Thanks, can't wait to try.

Anonymous said...

Can you use circular needles?

Anonymous said...

I was very confused because even though the directions tell you hot to knit this scarf, the next like says "NEXT ROW: KNIT 2, DROP STITCH". I think that's where the confusion has been. It should say "LAST ROW: K2, DROP STITCH". It would be much easier to understand.

White + Warren said...

That was a nice pattern, added on my list of do's now. I'll try this sooner, thanks for sharing.

barbiE jo said...

I agree. I'm an experienced knitter and I found the wording very confusing.

barbiE jo said...

I agree. I'm an experienced knitter and I found the wording very confusing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous (October 8th, 2014). Your pattern is very simple, but your wordings are confusing!