Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Knitting Patterns!!

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the long delay in getting these patterns out! I've been swamped with the semester of never-ending "mid-terms". I use quotations because they've lasted from the beginning of October until the week before finals. It is about an exam or test every week, or every other week.....

Anyways, I have wanted to publish these patterns for a while now, but was waiting on some fabulous test knitters to give me the go-ahead with the designs.
Here they finally are...


What’s that up there in the sky? A silver saucer!? It’s landing…it’s opening… what’s that coming out of it? … little green men with googly eyes!!??

Alien Invasion is a wacky hat for kids ages 0-10 years old.
Pattern comes in PDF format. An adult version is in the works for all you fun-loving grown ups!
Alien invasion is knitted in worsted weight yarn for coziness and quick-knitability!
Perfect for the little-alien in your life!


Flip Tops
A mitten with a top that flips back so you can have the toasty comfort of mittens, with the finger freeness of wrist-warmers!
Flip Tops aka glittens aka convertible mittens
This pattern is in women's average sizing, but the length is customizable! I have tiny hands and they fit me (that's me hand modelling)and I've also tried these mittens on medium and large women's hands and they fit too (with length adjustment of course!)

They are knitted on a chunky weight yarn, so they knit up nice and quick! They are great for gifts! Try them in self-striping yarns too!

If you like these patterns and want to try one out, head over to my etsy page
Coy Shop or my ravelry page Vanessa Carter's Pattern Store to grab a copy!

happy knitting!

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