Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What You've All Been Waiting For...

Hi Everyone!


I know this post has been a long time coming. The knit has been finished for ages, I just was waiting for my hubby to take some decent photos of me in this sweater. When he had the time, the light was bad, when the light was good, he wasn't around, or I wasn't thinking of wearing a heavy alpaca blend sweater (sun=very warm lately).I finally succumbed to the self-portrait, which always gives an inferior result, but I was sick of waiting!

The above pic is of my Imogen, made from a lovely Fleece Artist kit in my all-time favorite colourway, Mermaid.


The pic is silly, because it is ridiculously hard to photograph oneself. BUT I love this sweater! It is so cozy! It is made from an alpaca/merino blend & is a wrap style that is wonderful to snuggle up in on chilly days. Bring it, Winter! I'm ready for you!

The other thing I wanted to mention, is that I've got some of my patterns back for sale on Ravelry (for all you ravelers out there, you know who you are ;-) Find em at My Ravelry Shop!

There's Ella Phint!

And Pinot noir,
a sock pattern which I can't find a pic of right now, but it's on the site. So check em out! I am working on some more patterns right now, which are in the test-knitting stage. So stay tuned for more fun knits!

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