Thursday, September 03, 2009

Summer knits

This summer has been a time of many knits, and very little time spent knitting. I actually knitted myself out in the first two weeks of July, ended up with a sore arm, and had to hold off on knitting for two weeks.... then when I felt better, i over knitted again... two weeks later I am back knitting, but not for prolonged periods in order to avoid a relapse. Don't worry, it's not carpal tunnel, I checked. It is just pain from over use, and I am cutting back so I won't end up with carpal tunnel.
BUT in the mean time... I will walk you through a summer of knitting.

Koigu baby socks, for a shop sample... These are a pattern called Oh Baby by Holli Yeoh

Next up... the euroflax linen tank top, another shop sample, I think it was a louet pattern, but can't remember the name...
This was technically knit over the last year, but finished in June.

Thats all I have time for now, more knits to come...
I have knitted over a dozen FOs this summer, so stay tuned.

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