Monday, April 12, 2010

Tea Cards & Fine Art Prints

Today I got a belated birthday present... a new all-in-one hp printer!!! I am so stoked! I immediately put it to good use.

I am now selling fine art prints inmy etsy shop!

These prints are of some watercolour and ink paintings I did. I have made them into cards which are also for sale at Janet's Special Teas shop in Sidney BC (well, they are going to be available there as of next week).

There are 6 tea designs in total (I'll post more later). I've also done some prints in the theme "gentle monster" which I will also post about later.



Natalie B said...

those are so cute Vanessa! Are you going to show anything in the PCS Alumni art show?

Mary said...

Oh those are so cute. It's good to see that you're still up to some crafty fun even though you are probably knee deep in school. :) Love them!

Nessa said...

thanks guys!