Thursday, December 04, 2008

These Yetis Mean Business!


If you live in Victoria BC, these Yetis want YOU to go to the MAGICAL CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR this weekend!

Hurry to scoop up these cuties (and other awesome one-of-a-kind COY softies) before they are all gone!!

Just a reminder, in case you forgot... it is running from Friday(tomorrow) to Sunday (check a few posts below for full info)

And for those of you who may be looking for me in the crowd, I won't be there!
I know, "what the heck Nessa? You won't even be at the craft show you've been pushing for the past week or two!!?" I really want to be there, but final exams are next week!!! Sadly, I need to spend my weekend in the books. Though, I might try to sneak down briefly during a study-break to check out the other vendors.

ps. send the A+ vibes my way ;-)

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