Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wherin exam stress pays off


So one exam down, two more to go... I actually was extrememly worried before the Immunology exam I had this morning. Last night, I was convinced that I was screwed... but I think that is a fairly normal feeling for sleep-deprived-insomniac-overworked students around this time of year. Exams is the one thing I really hate about school. Escpecially exams in the sciences which often hold a heavy weighting at the end of term. It is pretty normal for an end of term exam to be weighted at 40% to 50% of your overall grade. That's HALF your grade, people! HALF your grade relying on a couple of days of major cramming, because classes and normal class work doesn't cease until right before exams. Sometimes, no actually, a lot of the time, midterm exams are still happening the week before exam week starts! Mid-terms? Seriously, the most inappropriately named exams ever. So anyways, for those of you still reading this rant, last night I was feeling like all was lost, that immunology was a bust, a low grade, a failed exam.... when somehow... today... I knew the answers! I was the first person to finish the exam.... so I'm thinking it went well. I feel confident about my answers. So, there is one block of stress of my shoulders.

But why does exam stress pay off? Our prof for immunology made a list up for "overworked folks" on how to keep your immune system happy... apparently stress burns lots of calories... (he claims is a bad thing, as I reach for another cookie). It's true people, I've totally lost weight since last week. Gym? Who needs it? I've got stress to maintain my waistline! ;-P (just kidding of course)

ps. all of this has nothing to do with that photo, I just like it. I'll post with real finished object photos tomorrow.


Natalie B said...

congrats on having one done (and it sounds like it was a big one)! love the Christmas header for your blog!

Nessa said...

thanks Natalie,
doing well on this one helped ease some stress definitly.
Tomorrow I've got physics at 8:30! wish me luck...

Jogirl said...

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