Friday, January 09, 2009

back to school


I feel like this guy.
Why do the holidays never last long enough?
This semester is physics, and maths, so I anticipate much homework. In fact it has already begun.
My consolation is the belated Bitchybees Christmas party, which was cancelled due to snow, but is now happening this Sunday! So in fact Christmas is not yet over for me :-)
Hope you are all enjoying (as much as possible) your back-to-school/back-to-work/back-to-regular-life and are not at all feeling a bit of longing to back-up and go back-to-Christmas for a little bit longer.

Photos on my Christmas present project! It is "Imogen", a sweaterkit from Fleece Artist, and it's an alpaca-wool handpainted yarn! It's simply dreamy to knit.
Plus photos on my first ever 2-ply handspun! (you are dying of anticipation now, right?)


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Bertha said...

Oh man, I feel you. This full week back has been rough! So glad it's Friday! I can't wait to see your Imogen, it's one of my favorite sweaters!