Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No recap just yet

I've been wanting to blog about our Ucluelet/Tofino adventure, and show you all the fantastic photos we took, but the hubby downloaded them all onto the laptop & there they are stuck until I can transfer them over to the pc. Oh the frusterations of having multiple computers! (I know, my life is so hard).


So you will have to be appeased with this cute pic of the pony at Oldfield Farm, one of the Island's local organic farms. This fellow was quite pleased when I let him sample one of my blueberries, and quite insistent that he have more. He demanded more by agressively hoofing at the gate, and snuffling at me after he ate said blueberry, which was decidedly poor manners even for a pony.

And to give you a taste of what is to come, here is a short list of weekend highlights:

1. our first real holiday in 5+ years
2. car knitting
3. 680 km/8 hrs on the road
4. a b&b in the rainforest
5. a long beach
6. two pairs of socks


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