Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So what haaave you been up to, Nessa?

I know, that's the ten dollar question. What do you mean I'm supposed to say million dollar question? You think I'm MADE of money?

Last weekend we had my Uncle come up from Seattle to visit us. We haven't seen him since the Christmas before we got married, so it was nice to catch up with him. Being the rad uncle that he is, he brought me some antique teacups that belonged to my grandma.



The green flowered one is my favourite. It somehow seems so mod for being made in the early 1900's which is when I think it was made.

But what about knitting?


I finished one sock of the now dubbed "Huzzah for me!" socks. I am using The Comfy Soled Sock Pattern. This pattern is for people with sensitive feet, such as diabetics. The soles are purled rather than knit, so the knit side is on the inside of the sock, much smoother.
I just like the feel of my socks worn inside-out, so this pattern was a good fit for me. Cast on while travelling to Saltspring Island, I later realized that I really needed this project, since two of my other on-the-go kips have lace involved. I need a break from lace!


With that said, here is one of the two lace things I've got on the needles...
I present, The Leming Cardi. Thusly named due to the high volume of ravelers knitting this sweater.


Of course I am at 282 sts, and on the first lace repeat I missed 3 YO's, this will be my second time ripping back on this many sts, as the first was due to an error in the pattern. Aiya. I really need to bring myself to just do it!


If the whole thing was garter stitch instead of just the yoke, I think I'd be done by now.

And finally, since it is finally feeling like summer here... here's a pic of my new Indian summer scarf! Love.


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