Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have been holding onto these designs for a while now & I am really excited to be able to finally offer them!

First up: Miss Ella Phint
She was designed on the fly as a gift for a fellow knitter's new baby. The original was in lavender yarn.The design is fairly simple, and requires very little seaming. It is the perfect project for an adventurous beginner, or as a quickie project for an intermediate to advanced knitter. Some of the techniques involved include crochet provisional cast on, knitting flat and in the round, increasing, and decreasing. She is 6 inches long, the perfect little size for a new one. I have designed the trunk to be bendable, or non-bendable (the bendy option is not for babies, and young children).





Next up: Pinot Noir

This simple yet elegant design was created with my spanish grandmother in mind. It is made to be both cozy, and breathable. It is perfect for fall, winter, and spring weather.
The stitch pattern is deceptively simple, easy enough to memorize, and quick to knit.



Thanks for testknitting this pattern, and modelling for the photos!

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