Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fun with fo's


Well folks, these photos are as good as it gets around here I guess. I have asked multiple people to photograph me wearing the Drops Cardi, and mostly the pics were not up to par. Blurryness, closed eyes, unoriginal & unflattering angles all caused me to reject most of the pics. However, I think these pics are alright, albeit a bit dark but I'm just going to post them and call it blogged.

The Pattern: The Drops Asymmetrical A-line Jacket

The Yarn: Cascade 220, in heathered brown

The Mods: Crazy math skills were utilized in order to knit a sweater of medium measurements in a smaller gauge than the pattern called for. I ended up knitting a size XL stitchwise, a SM lengthwise, and ending with a petite size M overall. This is what I wanted, but I think I could have even gone to a size SM overall since the jacket has lots of positive ease on me. However, I still love it because the design is flattering, and the yarn is cozy & soft.


The second FO to show is Sarah's beret Caliente!


Project Notes are Here
This actually turned out alright. It was touch and go for a while, when the beret turned out to be massive, and I had to felt it down a bit. This, even when I ACTUALLY BOTHERED to KNIT A 4" GAUGE SWATCH! & my gauge was even giving more sts per inch than pattern gauge. I give you so many chances to just be honest with me, gauge, but you always lie to me! Why gauge? Why?

Anyways, now I am working on a semi-mystery project. As to how much of a secret it is, I have not yet decided. You may hear more sometime soon.
I am also working away on the Flower Basket Shawl, and I have only about 7 repeats of the main body lace to do, and an edging chart. When I knit this project, I have to really concentrate, so I work on it a very little bit at a time. I really should get my butt in gear on it though, because I have told myself I am not allowed to cast on for anything else, until I get these 2 things off the needles!

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