Friday, June 06, 2008

Toque Emergency!!

Several years ago in a fit of fandom, I knit a Jayne Toque. It was right before the movie, Serenity , came out and everybody was making them to wear to the premier. If you have never seen the show then the fabulousness of this toque will be utterly lost on you, as it is kind of a "you had to be there" sort of thing.


As all good Canadian Toques, it had a fluffy pompom on top. Jeff removed this soon after recieving the toque, as it was for him to wear. It was/is the warmest toque I've ever put on my head, and a bit itchy since it is made from Alafoss Lopi.
Despite all of this, I love this FO dearly as it was the first time I knitted with a friend, & my first KAL item. I actually knit this with Beth from the Vancouver knitting group! It was the first time I met her, we'd been friends online for awhile and I actually went to her house at night time alone. Jeffy phoned me when I got there saying "are you being held hostage?", and Beth and I have been friends since then.

So, imagine my shock and dismay when I discovered this!


yes, that is a HOLE in the toque!


and another one here!


and here!

What the heck? I don't know how these holes got there. The yarn seems to have been cut right along the ladders between the stitches. I looked for evidence of moths, ie. the little larvae, or cocoons, and there are none. Could it have been moths? Should I be looking for another perpetrator? I will debrief the hubby on the situation when he gets home, and maybe he will have some explanation for it. It kind of freaks me out to think moths could have done this, but I imagine raw icelandic wool would be like caviar to those little winged bastards!!! (ok, ok, I'm jumping to conclusions on the moth thing, it could be something else.... but what?)

Anyways, I don't have any leftovers of the yarn, so I might buy some more yarn to repair it. But is it worth it to buy 2 skeins of yarn to fix a toque that Jeff & I hardly ever wear?
What should I do?


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